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AI-powered Comprehensible Input
Letera uses AI to curate the best comprehensible input, and N+1 language learning material for you. Letera also uses AI to meaningfully track your learning progress and provide feedback
Personalised Learning Feeds
Letera suggests language learning exercises on words and grammar to you, based on your level, personal interests, learning goals, and learning history
Autonomous Learning Management
Letera provides you with comprehensive learning history and supports autonomous learning
Context-rich and Meaning-driven
Learning material is presented in rich, extensible context to help you understand the meaning and usage of words and phrases
people learning languages
Combining AI with research on linguistics and language acquisition, the platform offers a suite of tools to help digital language learners of all levels, from beginner to advanced.
With enterprise access, the platform supports language educators, schools and enterprises in managing student development with monitoring dashboards and constant AI feedback and resources.
Letera is built to support human language learning by using the latest developments in technology and linguistic research. We will continue to develop and refine our system as our collective understanding advances.
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